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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I purchased a subtank from your site but ran across this notice from the Kangertech site
It states:
Kangertech will not provide the service or replacement for those counterfeit goods. Customer need to keep their packing box with Authenticity code label, purchase invoice as proof of genuine Kangertech product.
Can you clear this up? 
Thank you

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Support Staff answered 3 years ago

please tell us your order number,if you purchased by our web.
and also you could check your ID number in the site on the packing box (more…)

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

So you are telling me that you don’t have a problem with Kangertech saying that you have counterfeit goods? Not that it makes any difference my order # 252

Support Staff replied 3 years ago

The goods are genuine,and you could check the ID back the subtank packing box in

MarkyB978 answered 3 years ago

These tanks come with a authenticity code label in the box

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

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