dblair3 asked 3 years ago

how long is average wait for delivery

7 Answers
Support Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello dblair3,
If we have goods in our overseas warehouse,It is generally delivery in 3-7 business day.
If not,we need delivery our goods to overseas warehourse first.Time will be longer.
Thank you very much for your support.

dblair3 answered 3 years ago

my order number is 291, could you provide me with a tracking number because I haven’t received it yet

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

my order number is #303. could I possibly get a tracking number. as i also have not received one yet and want to show it to my local vape shop to see if they would like it and possibly carry it in store from you guys
thank you and have a nice day

Support Staff answered 3 years ago

Sorry for late,
We sent email to you.Hope everyone can satisfied.
Have a good day!

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

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