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ericrgrimes asked 3 years ago

I’ve been getting a strange burnt rubber, maybe a machine oil taste.  I can’t pin point it but it’s not pleasant to vape.  It’s happened with every coil I’ve used so far, what’s going on?

Support Staff replied 3 years ago

what kind of battery do you use?

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Anonymous answered 3 years ago

I have had this same issue with mine and when I changed my drip tip the tastes went a way and stopped happing

Anonymous answered 3 years ago

I had the same problem,my issue was the bottom insulatorwas burntfrom the camp tal wire

MarkyB978 answered 3 years ago

Make sure u soak the cotton before installing the coil. 2-3 drips directly into the coil 1st. 

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

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